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If you feel that the Governments response to Covid-19 has affected your Employment, Education, Health, or Freedoms send us your information in confidence.

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You can use PayPal Donation, GoFundMe, or simply Mail a Cheque.

Cheques can be made payable to
Rath and Company Covid Trust
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Rath and Company is representing a number of groups of citizens of Alberta and Canada who are fighting for Medical Professionals, Alberta Public Service Employees, Businesspeople, Frontline Responders, and others who are suffering as a result of abusive Federal and Provincial Covid-19 related mandates.

Rath and Company and its principal, Jeffrey R. W. Rath, has put the full resources of the firm, lawyers, and staff into waging this fight on a ProBono basis since the middle of 2020. As you can imagine, this is a very costly endeavour.

If you are interested in showing your support with a donation, the funds will be held in trust for the purpose of defraying salaries, legal fees and disbursements.

What is a Class Action?

A class action is where one or a few individuals (plaintiffs) sues an individual, group, or entity (defendant) on behalf of a larger group of people who claim the same type of loss as the plaintiff.

Steps in a Class Action

Call out for participants – starting in October of 2021, Jeffrey Rath has released a number of open letters asking that individuals who feel that they have been harmed by the Governments Response to COVID-19 contact Rath and Company.

The response and support has been incredible.

Emails and other communications are reviewed and  registration requests are sorted by industry, employer, and union where applicable.

Important information is requested such as:

  1. employment documentation
  2. copies of  current Collective Bargaining Agreements
  3. correspondence with employers, etc.

Draft pleadings for the class action.

Certification of the claim.

Certification is a procedure where the court screens the claim to ensure its suitability to a class action. The claim must meet the following:

  1. discloses a cause of action;
  2. contains an identifiable class;
  3. proposes issues common to the class;
  4. is the preferable procedure for resolving the complaint; and
  5. has an appropriate representative plaintiff.

Once an action is certified, it proceeds to trial.

Decision by the Court.